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CAPSTM Retail Case Study:

Customer: Fortune 500 retailer known globally as one of the most cost competitive and lean organizations, with more than 4,000 stores and 1 million employees in the US

Business Challenge: This retailer was challenged in the office supply category to reduce their costs, implement tighter controls and eliminate unnecessary purchases.  In addition, they were committed to buying these products from a firm that they did not consider to be one of their retail competitors.

The APD Solution: Since APD’s program launch, the customer has realized 40-50% in savings by using our customized online catalog, created through CAPSTM, that allowed them to employ the controls that they had never been able to achieve with previous systems.  APD implemented a custom catalog that included product restrictions down to the item level, automatic substitutions for remanufactured toner cartridges, and an order approval system that allowed managers to review and sign off on orders as well as new user setups.  These controls are further customized across their various operating units, each having different control requirements and policies.

We began the program with only the corporate offices.  However, due to the program’s success and cost savings achieved, all of the customer’s divisions are now realizing the benefits and savings of our office supplies program.  We have also rolled out a Toner Recycling Program that enables them to further meet their internal environmental responsibility goals.