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eLinkTM for Buying Organizations with Inventory Management Case Study:

Customer: One of the world's leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies

Business Challenge: The customer had multiple manufacturing facilities around the country, each with different procurement platforms and accounting systems.  The various systems are independent of each other and are not integrated.  Some of their specific challenges included:

  • Difficult to access inventory information
  • Too much inventory and other facilities order the same/similar items without knowledge of existing inventories in other locations
  • Inadequate staffing of store rooms
  • Lack of real-time inventory reporting per location
  • High inventory level of OEM and regular MRO supplies, resulting in overstocks
  • High exposure in inventory carrying costs
  • Lack of visibility of supply levels in each location
  • Too many suppliers
  • Lack of transparency in invoicing, as they needed to separate labor costs vs. material costs

This company wanted to improve consistency of their requisition and internal transfer processes, improve the mechanisms used to see real-time inventory across their facilities.  They decided that the best solution would be to outsource the problem and identify a “turn-key solution.”  The challenge for the customer was in finding, through the RFP process, one company that could provide a comprehensive integrated business solution.

The APD Solution: After reviewing the customer’s needs, APD identified several key business opportunities for improvement.  The ideal solution would be a hybrid of both the CAPSTM and eLinkTM offerings, whereby APD would:

  • Use CAPSTM to integrate legacy inventory system within the custom catalog platform
  • Provide real-time on-hand inventory status across all customer facility locations using eLinkTM, allowing them to check internal availability before purchasing new product from APD
  • Drive down inventory costs without sacrificing availability through our OEM Kitting Solution
  • Capture and analyze data on spending pattern to make recommendation for savings
  • Completely manage store rooms
  • Use APD’s broad product offering to allow the customer to reduce its number of suppliers
  • Create custom billing process to specifically meet their transparency needs