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Would you like to prevent end users from purchasing from the wrong vendor?
Would you like to prevent unnecessary purchases?
Would you like to eliminate rogue spend?

Solution...Maximize Savings and Management Control with eLink™ Gateway

What is eLink Gateway?

eLink™ Gateway is a proprietary Software as a Service (Saas) solution for building, implementing and maintaining customized direct URL and punchout  catalogs for the products and services of your contracted suppliers, to include multi-vendor catalogs.  eLink™ Gateway can be integrated with your procurement platform and ERP system.

What does it do?

eLink™ Gateway utilizes cloud computing to allow you to manage the product and service choices of your end users across your entire supplier base.  This model fills in the gaps of your existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System, resulting in maximum cost savings and greater management control.

How we do it?

eLink™ Gateway gives Senior Procurement Management the ANALYTICAL INFORMATION to make major procurement cost savings decisions and the AUTOMATED CONTROLS needed to ensure execution of those decisions.  We use our in-depth knowledge from 20 plus years of experience in supply chain operations and systems development to create unique cost saving solutions for corporate customers.

eLink™ Gateway is comprised of three modules to support the acquisition of goods and services required by your enterprise.  These modules allow you to control purchasing behavior to optimize performance in the areas of cost, quality and efficiency.

Administration Module

System where catalogs are built, customized and managed • Includes your approved supplier pricing and business rules, such as item restrictions and product substitutions

Shopping Module

Module for end users to browse, shop and complete orders for your preferred suppliers • Allows users to compare items at the point of purchase

Service/ Analyitics

Self-service tool for access to business analytics and to manage order workflow tasks, such as order approvals and user approvals


Key Features